a lil bit crazy

im mariah. im chilled, like to have fun. im crazyy.. watch outtt :]

pass the time

ten facts 
1. name –  Mariah busz

 2. nicknames – busz

3. any birth marks -left ankle

4. hair color –dark brown
5. natural hair color - light brown
6. eye color - blue/green
7. height - 5’ 2
8. mood - sleepyy. 
9. favorite colour - bluee
10. one place you want to visit - bahamas

nine things about your love life 
1. do you believe in love at first sight – meh.
2. do you believe in soul mates - Yes.
3. have you ever been hurt emotionally - oh yes
4. have you ever broke someone’s heart? - yeaa
5. ever had your heart broken? - Yes.
6. have you ever liked someone but never told them? - Yes.
7. are you afraid of commitment? - depends
8. who was the last person you hugged? - jianne
9. who was the last person you said i love you to? mother !

ten this or that 
1. love or lust - both ? hahah.
2. cats or dogs – cats
3. a few best friends or many regular friends - best.
4. television or internet - Internet.
5. chinese or indian -chinese                                            

6. wild night out or romantic night in – i like them both the same.
7. money or happiness - Happinesssss
8. night or day - niiight
9. msn or phone - Phone.
10. ipod or mp3 - iPod.

ten have you ever 
1. been caught sneaking out – yeaa
2. been skinny dipping - Yes.
3. bungee jumped – No.
4. finished an entire jaw breaker – yea
5. lied to someone you liked – Yes.
6. wanted an ex bf/gf back – Yes.
8. cried yourself to sleep - Yes.
9. cried because you lost a pet – no
10. wanted to disappear – yessss.

ten preferences in a partner 
1. smile or eyes - both
2. light or dark hair – i dont care.
3. hugs or kisses - Kiss.
4. shorter or taller – most definitely taller.
5. intelligence or attraction – bootthhhh.
6. romantic or spontaneous -both
7. funny or serious - depends.
8. older or younger - prefer older
9. outgoing or quiet - Outgoing.
10. sweet or bad ass - a lil of both

nine ‘have you’s 
1. ever performed in front of a large crowd - indeed.
2. ever done drugs – yeah.
3. ever consumed alcohol - yeah.
4. ever been on a cheerleading team – no
5. ever been on a dance team - no
6. ever been on a sports team - yes.
7. ever been in a drama play/production - yes.
8. ever owned a bmw, mercedes benz, escalade, hummer or bentley - i have
9. ever been in a rap video? - nooo.

eight lasts
1. last phone call you made- my mom
2. last person you hung out with- jessie
3. last time you worked – last night bro
4. last person you tackled – i dont kno prolly ravin lol
5. last person you im’d- josh
6. last person(s) you went to the movies with - a bunch of people
7. last thing you missed – a phone call
8. last thing you ate - cheetos

last person to 
1. sleep beside you - ravin
2. see you cry – mom
3. you went out to dinner with - jianne, miguel , ravin, tommy 
4. you talked on the phone to- momma
5. made you laugh - emily

would you rather 
1. pierce your nose or tongue - Nose.
2. be serious or be funny - Funny.
3. drink whole or skim milk - 2%
4. spend time with your parents or enemies - Parents ? haha.

are you 
1. simple or complicated - depends on the day !
2. retarded - naw

do you prefer 
1. flowers or candy - Flowers :)
2. gray or black - Black.
3. colour or black and white photos - Color.
4. sunrise or sunset - i looooove them both.
5. staying up late or waking up early - Staying up late.

answer truthfully 
1. do you like anyone - Yes.
2. do they know it - Yes.

do you prefer 
1. sun or moon - sun
2. winter or summer - summer
3. left or right - Right.
4. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends - Two bestfriends.
5. sun or rain - sunn
6. vanilla or chocolate ice cream - Chocolate.
7. coke or pepsi -coke

1. nervous habits - bitin my nails
2. are you double jointed - mmm not that im aware of.
3. can you twist your tongue around and roll it -yeaa

4. can you raise one eyebrow - yea
5. can you cross your eyes - Yes
6. do you make your bed daily - if i have enough time !

1. which shoe goes on first - i dont pay that much attention.
2. ever thrown something at someone - lol yeaa
3. on average, how much money do you carry with you - 10 or 20
4. what jewellery do you wear - studs. necklace. bracelet. and the occasional ring.

5. do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it - twirl
6. have you ever eaten spam -nooooppppe
7. favorite ice cream -  rocky road
8. how many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet - too many
9. what’s your favorite beverage - sweet tea or coffie  

10. do you cook - yeaah

1. last alcoholic drink - vodka. or beer

2. last car ride - home from work                          

3. last movie seen - candyman
4. last song played - hahah i cant remember the name

— 3 years ago
Day Seven, someone who impacted my life.
my mom has impacted my life because she tought me how to be strong and keep going even when you feel like you’ve lost everything . <3 

Day Seven,
someone who impacted my life.

my mom has impacted my life because she tought me how to be strong and keep going even when you feel like you’ve lost everything . <3 

— 3 years ago
Day Sixoutta all the superheroes i like spiderman. i have no clue as of why. but i doits prolly cause it would be pretty tight flying in the air by spider webs idk

Day Six
outta all the superheroes i like spiderman.
i have no clue as of why. but i do
its prolly cause it would be pretty tight
flying in the air by spider webs

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hahaha pickle queen

hahaha pickle queen

— 3 years ago
cant wait til next year.

2010 was probably the worst year for me and my family.
christmas my ex boyfriend broke up with me after 18 months randomly.
then later on, my dad told my mom that he was not in love with her, he was in love with someone else after 25 years. they were going to work it out, go to counseling trying to get things back together. but he played us, lied to our faces. saying he wasn’t doing anything he wasn’t suppose to. that was all lies. going on business trips but instead meeting up with this home wrecker. does he not know how this makes his kids and his wife feel? then the next day in july when my perents got baack from their cruise from the bahamas. my mom found out he was still talking to her even though he was told not too. my mom kicked him out. started living with this lady the next day. he lost all trust. lost all respect. lost his sons really ever talking to him. oldest brother jason cut him completely out of his life, other brother andrew barely talks to him. and then there is me. i cannt just not talk to him. im daddys lil girl . all have been always will. but lost so much. he drifted away and everyone else got so much closer. his loss i guess. and now the divorce will be final in the next couple weeks. and things are just hard. for weeks i only sow my mom cry constantly. not wanting to eat or do anything.  at least now she’s smiling somewhat and going out.. but still things will never be the same. 
and now my moms dad is really sick. close to dying..
i don’t know how my mom can handle all this.
i love you mom .
stay strong <3
i miss seeing your smile.

— 3 years ago
i cant wait for spring break :]

i cant wait for spring break :]

— 3 years ago
Day Fivei loved new york. def wanna go back

Day Five
i loved new york.
def wanna go back

— 3 years ago
Day four

a bad habit would probably be cussing a lot. thats gotta stoooooooooooooop or at least slow down lol

— 3 years ago